Swimwear and Summer's Most Delicious Accessory

Ah, summer sixteen.

For those of us with rotating seasons, hunting down swimwear can be a long-awaited event. With each passing season fashion brands are putting plenty of thought into their swim lines, revolutionizing swimsuits with innovative textiles, designs and prints for both men and women. Miami Swim Week offered up a plethora of swim brands – most independent, some from well known designers. For men, the 2016 show featuring swim styles that have evolved for the male body- presenting styles in speedos and trunks, both short and long.

As for women’s styles the more things change, the more they stay the same.The one piece has enjoyed it’s time in the sun for a quite a few seasons – and this season was especially delicious with Mara Hoffman presenting a halter one-piece with symmetrical cut outs. A style that is both nod to past trends but fully revitalized for today’s enjoyment.

And with summer brings so much to enjoy. The season bears fruit of all sorts – one in particular being white peach, a prime component in Charles Smith’s 2014 Kung Fu Girl Riesling. Born in Washington State, Charles Smith is somewhat of a personality in wine, approaching the craft with straightforward, honest appeal that doesn’t skimp on the quality, despite being affordable. There are 8 wine brands that Charles Smith has developed, each with its own specific purpose and personality to not only stand on its own but work well within the Charles Smith squad. The 2014 Riesling boasts lime leaves as well as the peach and the nose is delightful accompanied by a long, tantalizing finish that is tangy as well as mildly sweet. Rieslings are typically sweet, (or occasionally semi-dry like the Kung Fu Girl) originating from the Rhine region is Germany.

For wherever you are this wine brings liveliness and zing that is perfect for summer days or nights. Swimwear, optional.