Summer's Cotton Suits and Sangria


During the coming months ladies will begin to slip into their fist sun dresses and barely-there bikinis. Summer’s growing list of side effects will most definitely include constant head turning and spontaneous heart palpitations for many. However, as women have a myriad of garment choices for the season, what do men employ for summer style? Stay away from the territory of “frat boy” tank tops and cartoonish board shorts and take a play out of Detectives Crockett and Tubbs Miami Vice playbook and invest in functional and stylish cotton/linen suit while you listen to Action Bronson‘s wine soaked rap lyrics in your Ferrari Daytona Spyder. 

Take this crafty JCREW Ludlow suit for instance. Fine Italian cotton and a subtle stone color will ensure coolheaded-ness and will keep you from blinding onlookers from the type of ray ban shattering glare a chalk white suit would have (although Jude Law may disagree). This cotton suit takes traditional year long attire and by minor changes in material and color, transforms it into the uniform of the coolest cops ever to take the small screen.

Additionally, our choices in wine also evolve from textured and layered Malbecs and Cabs to the more playful and devilish sangria. This Spanish (and Portuguese) beverage builds upon a foundation of wine and lets it out of its entitled cage with additions of fruit and brandy. We happened to stumble upon a very unique “fireball” Sangria recipe to courtesy of DELISH magazine below. Check it out and let us know if you have any secret-sauce ingredients for your Sangria on Twitter or Facebook – feel free to include a picture and we may post it up!