Staycationing for Memorial Day? Try Stay Gallery

Art and Wine should be paired. Both allow the people consuming each to experience different sensations and journeys.

There’s been a slew of local, organically grown art galleries emerging in a number of gentrified cities across the country. Foundations like Aaron Siskind’s are also promoting new photographic works of art in those galleries with $10,000 grants.

Stay Gallery in Downey, California is one of those new galleries off the beaten path. Founded by two local artists in 2012, the Downey City Council voted unanimously to help fund Stay Gallery for 2 years in downtown Downey, across the street from the deliciously, delectable Porto’s Cuban Bakery.

Stay Gallery cofounder Gabe Enamorado says they often serve wines to their attendees during their diverse creative events, which include poetry readings, art exhibits, and workshops. Stay Gallery is an overall creative workspace for the community that also has the good sense to pair wines with art.

This weekend, the gallery will host it’s STEAM Festival – combining Science + Technology + Engineering + Art + Math. To see more upcoming events at Stay, visit their calendar. The gallery is open Wednesday through Saturday.

Given one of the founders Argentine background, a perfect Malbec from the Mendoza region would pair perfectly during your staycation at Stay Gallery. (Quick Note: Argentina is the 5th largest wine producer in the world.)

’91 Naiara 2006 Gran Reserva $35