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My Wine of the Month: Di Giovanna "Helios"
In October, after checking out more than 100 wines, my choice for November is a red Sicilian: "Helios" from Di Giovanna Di Giovanna - one of the oldest wine families in Sicily - is located in the province of Agrigento. If I have to describe the wine for what it is, I would say: “The quiet before the storm". This blend of Nero d’Avola and Syrah opens slowly and quietly. It then releases incredible sensations - like a storm! Helios takes its name from the father, Aurelio, and represents the best expression of the vineyards of the winery. It has a ruby red color with notes of berries and black cherry. The tannins are very soft with an incredibly long persistence.This wine also awarded by James Suckling with 91 points, deserves all the pride of the Sicilian lands!
Italian Heat: Recommendations From One Of Rome's Hottest Wine Influencers
Tuscany ain't the only game in town when it comes to exceptional Italian wine, peeps. Sure, you have your treasured legacy of Chianti Classicos and Barberas, but the country has SO much to offer in the way of under-the-radar grapes that will knock your socks off.So let's talk about the excellent wines of Lazio, the region that hosts Rome a.k.a. the Eternal City. In order to get the best possible insight, we turned to Andrea Zigrossi. Andrea is a bonafide Roman and certified sommelier. Who better than him to advise us on the beautiful wines of his city?Here's the scoop from Andrea:Well first of all, when we talk about Lazio, we talk about two grapes: Bellone for white wine and Cesanese for red wine. These are the native grapes of the area. I suggest two good wines with each of these grapes, as well as another wine that absolutely deserves to be tasted:Marco Carpineti Capolemole BiancoThe BiancaMarco Carpineti Capolemole BiancoThis winery is located in Cori, an ancient town situaded 56 km south of Rome, about 400 meters above sea level on ancient territory. The grape of Capolemole is 100% Bellone and fermented in stainless steel. The color is light yellow, with floral and fruity scents. In addition to being an incredible value for the money, it is the simplicity of this wine that surprises me. You know from the first moment the great love and work that is behind this wine.Pileum Bolla Di UrbanoThe RossoPileum Bolla Di UrbanoThe Pileum family's soil grows in the hills of Piglio, a territory of excellence within Cesanese. The vineyards are between 220 and 980 meters s.l.m. with a variable slope. Bolla di Urbano is the best wine in the region with this grape (100% Cesanese). Grape harvesting is manual and maceration is 20 days long. The fermentation is malolactic, refining 24 months in barrels and 6 months in bottle. With a ruby red color, the taste is rich and very concentrated with spicy and fruity notes, as well as soft and velvety tannins.Tenuta di Fiorano Fiorano RossoThe BonusTenuta di Fiorano Fiorano RossoThe composition of the soil of the vineyards at Tenuta di Fiorano is volcanic due to the nearby Latium Volcano. The winery's Fiorano Rosso is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot Grapes. It has a bright, intense ruby color with medium concentration. Particular notes of tar, with balsamic notes of blueberry create extraordinary elegance. Full-bodied wine with fine tannins. No doubt it is a very particular wine to taste.Andrea ZigrossiYou should follow Andrea on Instagram and be jealous of his life as a Roman wine expert.