#SommNextDoor: Best Budget Wines Recommended by a Sommelier. This Week, It's like Butter Baby, $14


This happens to be the most honest brand name I’ve ever seen with a very appealing price tag to go along with it. Butter, tastes exactly like it sounds. This is a rich chardonnay with tons of flavor, a sexy mouth feel and just plain tasty. Found at most supermarkets Butter is great bang for your buck with quality you can taste. To top it off, all of the grapes are sourced around Napa Valley and Northern California.

JAM Cellars produces three wines under this label which are typically sold side by side. Butter’s bigger bolder brother is Jam; a 100% Cabernet based red with just as much to offer to any dinner party. As well as Toast, a California bubble blend made in the classic champagne style.

You could buy one bottle of each and have a wine for every moment of a dinner party for less than the cost of one bottle of wine at a restaurant. This screams value and will help alleviate your tendency to buy wine at the gas station again.

Contributor: Nicholas Ducos, A graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and a Certified Sommelier, Nicholas has worked in many prestigious restaurants in Miami, Florida. As a chef and as a sommelier, he is dedicated to creating a memorable dining experience and making wine relatable to others in a witty yet refined style. Nicholas is currently traveling the world learning the art winemaking and plans to create his own label in the near future.