For most of the evening he stood in one part of the room, near the table of wines as couples of fancy dressed folk walked up to him and asked if he was “Alpha or Omega” – then they laughed at their perceived wit. He smiled and said humbly “I’m Jean Hoefliger, the winemaker at Alpha Omega.” They asked questions you’d ask a maker of such elegant wines, he answered them with Swiss charm, then they would walk over to the table, taste and likely purchase a bottle.When I had a chance to speak to the superstar winemaker who towers over 6 ‘5 I asked about his personal process and what he thinks when he’s creating wine. His wines at Alpha|Omega seem to start at a 90+ rating. I thought he must have a scientific, hardcore viticulture academic process…?Instead he tells me that when developing the flavor of the wines he’s thinking of sculptures and the different characteristics of sculptures – voluptuous, short, grandiose, tall, slender, happy, melancholy, etc.

Wine devoid of passion and heart is similar to art, music, fashion or film devoid of the same. Appreciate artist who bring passion to their craft. Cheers.