Rules of Engagement: The Bar.

It’s not rocket science but seemingly normal, everyday good people turn into anxious Neanderthals when it comes to getting the attention of the bartender.

Here are a few words of advice from no nonsense, been-there-done-that spitfire at a popular downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) restaurant who gave us the following advice’:

– Gyrating your hands or other parts of your body is not attractive nor effective. This is an especially important tip for your douchbag ‘colleague’ who’s waving a $20 bill while desperately trying to elongate his neck.

– Comments that are only funny to you or immigrants are also not preferred. As if on queue, at the time of this writing an older gentleman came up to the bar and loudly made the point: “Oh, look at that! My glass is empty!”

– Bags of nickels and quarters. Bringing a sac full of laundry change, though unique and something you’ll get the bartender’s attention with but it won’t be for the right reasons!

While you’re self-reflecting on your behavior at the bar last night, explore these wines this weekend:

BV Rutherford Cabernet, 2012: Full bodied and could use some air before you enjoy it with a meal or even with a nice sharp cheese. $26-30

Justin, 2010 Cabernet: Always a crowd favorite. Juicy fruit, easily enjoyed across a variety of taste preferences. Also a wine that’s usually available at most restaurants and solid on multiple vintages.

Photo Credit: Natalie Dye (Thank you!)