The world loves a good mash up. The fusing of two seemingly disparate things coming together to make something beautiful. We see it in Fashion & Cars – ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA AND MASERATI; in Music KANYE WEST AND BON IVER. How about Fashion, Art, Music and Sports with the “Dream” project by Louis Vuitton, Hip-Hop legend Yasin Bey (fka Mos Def) reciting words of Mohammed Ali and Calligraffitist Niels Shoe Meulman “DREAM”Now onto Da’ Boss Rick Ross and LUC BELAIRE RARE ROSÉ. The genius behind the Luc Belaire Rare Rosé brand, Brett Berishwho also created Ace of Spades – the champagne of choice of Jay-Z. It’s easy to imagine hip-hop’s reach into other type of alcohol, but seeing its growth into the wine sector shows the importance of hip-hop culture and the economic power it holds. In 2012, Luc Belaire was searched for just 16 times on Wine-Searcher. But in early 2013 it was endorsed by rapper Rick Ross and the brand sprang into the limelight. Moscato became mainstream after Drake rapped it and Bay Area rap legend E-40 recently debuted his EARL STEVENS SELECTIONS wine at Costco. This is the mashup of cultures. The wine world cannot ignore the power of hip-hop, but hip-hop can’t simply slap its name on a globally cherished and historically deep-rooted phenomena such as wine and expect to see massive success. (Or can it!) – “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.”