Primaries, Politicos and the Merlot from Washington

Red tie. Blue dress. Blue shirt. Gray pants. Gray jacket. Red dress. Blue tie. Sensible shoes.

And on and on it goes.

What is it about politico fashion that calls for what I have deemed as ‘oatmeal fashion’ – lumpy and non threatening. Politicians are rarely remembered for their style – that honor usually goes to First Ladies – like our own Michelle Obama and Jackie O; France’s former First Lady Carla Bruni or even Cameroonian First Lady, Chantal Biya’s hair situation is well worth the mention.

In the hallowed halls of the White House, President Obama has kept it simple for 2 terms wearing charcoal gray or navy suits regularly – most of which are custom tailored by Brooklyn based Martin Greenfield, or by Chicago’s Hart Schaffner Marx. In contrast his campaign fashion went down the similar road as other presidential candidates – safe and conservative.

2008 Democratic Primary. Credit: Associated Press 2008 Democratic Primary. Credit: Associated Press

Today, New York is poised for their primary elections and New Yorkers like myself will remained gripped on the results – until polls close this evening. Three Rivers Winery’s 2009 Merlot out of Washington (not THAT Washington, the other one) will help soothe the spirit featuring a medium bodied, black cherry taste that finishes dry with a hint of cranberry. Uncomplicated is what you need as America weighs in on who should be our next leader.


In the meantime – we can dream. Trump’s tangerine complexion, Bernie’s rumpled shirts, Cruz’s wholesome, family man wardrobe, Hil’s commitment to pantsuits. Try as they might in their conservatism politicians spend a great deal of time crafting an image. Here’s a few ways the rest of us can enjoy the visuals a wee bit better.

2016 President Candidates. L to R: 2016 President Candidates. L to R: Cruz, Sanders, Trump and Clinton

Ladies first. A crisp silk taffeta shirt by Carolina Herrera adds instant chic and just enough sheen to give those pantsuits Clinton loves, more character while keeping things low maintenance, especially if she ditches the jacket.  Ted Cruz tends to op for a white or blue shirt to complete his pastor-dad look, and could do with an update via a striped red shirt by Ermeneglido Zegna. An option that is daring enough in its simplicity to add character to his looks, but in keeping with the often used conservative red/white/blue palette, politicians love so much.

The Donald – longtime fan of the navy suit (custom Brioni to be specific) – is in desperate need of an upgrade in the department. The navy enhances his orange glow and adds an unnecessary contrast that works against him more often than not. What he does get right is a boxy cut that works for his body type but could use an update in a sophisticated charcoal gray. With the men’s market flooded with slim cut suits, he could find just what he needs at Roman made-to-measure suit maker, Eredi Pisano. Last, but not least Bernie Sanders. More than anything I want proof that he knows how an iron works. He’s a simple type of guy and that’s just fine, but if he’s representing America – a few updates accessory wise would be a nudge in the presidential direction without disturbing his no frills persona, like this MICHAEL Michael Kors patterned geometric tie. Hints of green, blue or even a certain shade of yellow would do wonders. While, I fully expect him show up a little (ok, maybe alot) undone, at least we’d have something to look at.