Unfiltered Conversation with Writer Director of UNCORKED Prentice Penny

Unfiltered interview with writer & director Prentice Penny of the film UNCORKED. Range of topics including themes in the film, wine culture and more

Unfiltered conversation with writer and director of UNCORKED, Prentice Penny.

Appreciated an energetic conversation with Prentice discussing a range of topics about the movie UNCORKED. In the full interview below you’ll hear Prentice talk about themes in the film such as the father & son relationship, what his dad thought about the film, his family’s furniture store in Compton, building a working bbq restaurant in Memphis, his relationship is with wine, the bottle that changed his perspective on wine and much more!

CLIP:  “A magical moment while filming a scene in France” 

CLIP: “Can this film bring new consumers into wine?”


UNCORKED fIlm footage courtesy of Netflix.

Interview hosted by Naushad Huda of Https://ilikethisgrape.com, co-hosted by Tom Cunningham and Paul Hodgins. Special thanks to Taj Eldridge.

Motion graphics by the talented Kathy Lajvardi