My brother flew into town, and into my home with two 12 pack wine suitcases on wheels. One case held one of the greatest wines in the world which I had the privilege to drink with him. Here’s how it went down. First open and smell and small pour. We decanted the rest. The aromas leapt out of the glass from almost a foot away. You didn’t even need to drink this wine to know it was something special. Next, beef brisket, and another small pour; it was starting to open up. Big vegetal flavor started coming through. We waited another hour or so and another small pour. Now the finish was really taking hold. Lasting as long as you wanted – counting in minutes. It was amazing. The wine changed every hour, until it was gone seven hours later.

I had never had anything that close to perfection before. Even as a 1998 vintage this wine tasted young. We could have easily waited another 15 years.

Guest Post: Andrew Cullen, Founder of COSTCO WINE BLOG & Author of DECODING FRENCH WINE