Photos from SOMMX: Kanye West Music Interpreted Through Spanish Wine

Photos from SOMMX: Kanye West's Music Interpreted Through Spanish Wine event in Laguna Beach! Music that inspired the Art, that inspired the Food, that inspired the Wine

Google Slideshow: SOMMX

For the past few months we’ve been working on creating a live event that embodies who we are as a brand- the Voice of Modern Wine Culture. On April 12, 2018 we launched our event platform SOMMX.

The theme for our first event was: Kanye West’s Music Interpreted Through Spanish Wine. It was sold out with a long waiting list! 

What is SOMMX
A series of themed wine experience events hosted and lead by unique sommeliers intended to evoke multiple senses and delight guests through food, wine, performances, art, special guests, and unique culturally relevant themes. 

The experimental event: 

5 of Kanye’s songs were interpreted through 

5 original oil paintings by local award-winning artist which were each paired with

5 courses of unique food which were each paired with

5 Spanish wines 

Oh, and there were ballet dancers and a spoken word artist.   

The event is narrated & hosted by celebrity sommelier Amelia Singer who explained each song, each painting, each course of food, and how it tied into a wine. The food was designed and cooked by Top Chef Alum Brian Huskey, and the original painting by visionary artist Kathy Lajvardi.  

Enjoy the photos and join the mailing list at SOMMX to be notified of our next event.

Google Slideshow: SOMMX