Pairing Art + Wine: Sedrick Huckaby


Wine is something beautiful, emotional and artistic. Wine evokes a memory, an opinion and can spark an idea, much in the same light as art. The emotional aspect of wine and art is what makes each so unique, personal and never dated. Enjoy this guest post by John Spriggins, Interim Curator of African American Museum, Dallas, TX

The Artist: Sedrick Huckaby (Painter) Fort Worth, Texas

In thinking about Sedrick’s paintings there is an innate sense of history, family, tradition, and love that resonate in his work. Sedrick’s use of color and texture marry well in his larger than life paintings of quilts and family portraits. His quilt paintings evoke a sense of peace and serenity, and simultaneously transport you back to a period of simplicity and authenticity of years past. Sedrick’s quilt paintings remind us that being frugal is a virtue, much in the same vein that White Rose Vineyards produces its delicious Pinot Noir.

The Wine: 2012 Neo-Classical Objective Pinot Noir (Region: Willamette Valley, Oregon)

This wine is crafted in a way that allows you to explore it literally from stem to fruit. Its complexity and profile are based in the process that is particular to White Rose Pinots. What make this wine so distinct is its full mouth flavor. It glides over the palette with bold fruit and earthy notes that are characteristic to the classical wine making process of White Rose and their whole cluster fermentation. Much like the work of Sedrick Huckaby this wine is intended to create an emotional connection.