Notable Wine Regions, Part 1

When it comes to widening your knowledge about wine, and experimenting with a wealth of flavors, the whole experience will instantly transport you to destinations around the globe. Tasting wine is an experience that will take you to all corners of the world, allowing you to indulge in new and exciting flavors that encapsulate the region in which they have been grown and produced.

From traditional to emerging wine regions, here is a list of some of the planet’s best wine producing regions – allowing you to experience modern classics right through to refreshing, more crystalline versions of your favorite tipple.

The Aegean Islands, Greece

Renowned for being a hotspot for fine dining and a go to wine destination for those looking to sample an international wine list in exquisite surroundings, the Aegean Islands in Greece boast a wealth of high profile vineyards. With its pretty whitewashed villages and world famous sunsets, the region has become popular amongst travelers looking to dine and sample the white and red grapes of the terraced vineyards on Mount Ambelos. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Valle De Guadalupe/Baja California, Mexico 

The people of Mexico have been producing wine for centuries, making them perfectly equipped to provide high quality wine that is hard to find anywhere else. In fact, over the past two decades, the quality of the wine has improved dramatically, according to wine PR firm This is Phipps, especially along the Northern reaches of Baja California.

Here you will find countless vineyards, fine restaurants, and exquisite wineries. Many of the high profile wineries based in the area have joined forces with chefs and hoteliers in order to create Baja’s signature Ruta del Vino – a popular choice amongst locals and tourists.

So, for a wine tasting trip that you will never forget, Valle De Guadalupe/Baja California should be your first port of call.

Mendoza, Argentina

Boasting over ten thousand acres of vineyard, Mendoza in Argentina will provide you with the ultimate wine tasting experience in the heart of El Plata and Tupungato. Peaking at 20,000 feet and surrounded by truly breath taking scenery, the area has emerged as one of the top destinations for wine tourism.

With an impressive range of wineries, restaurants and infamous vineyards, it’s hardly surprising that it has made it onto our list.

Contributing Author: 

Cormac Reynolds is a lover of fine wine and food and has worked in the food industry for a number of years. Get in contact with him @brightoncormac