It’s past midnight as he walks into the studio. Tonight he’s going over tracks for his upcoming produced album while sipping on. . .Malbec. He says Malbec puts him in a happy mood while he nods for hours against the beats, the lyrical foreplay and spirit of hip hop today; bold flavors, the dark purple of the wine blending into the sound-proof walls of the studio as he settles in and the wine comes to life with vibration of the music.For his album this DJ will choose original tracks from Sean Paul, Akon, Samantha J, Big Sean, EVE, Kat Dahlia, Tinashe, Agnez Mo, JCole combined with local Boston artists Team 220, Lou Armstrong, Superstar LT, GMontana. Not bad for a kid famous for the words “From Pakistan, to LA to Boston”.”Hip Hop goes with everything, its EVERYWHERE.”
We feel the same way about wine.

DJ PUP DAWG, award-winning Music Director/Mixer/OnAirPersonality for 94.5 Boston, respected hip hop DJ and humble dude.

O. Fournier Alfa Crux Malbec (Uco Valley), Argentina $40