Listen To The Doors. Drink A Spritz And Giggles.

The Doors provide one of THE best soundtracks for wine – simple as that. They just sound better with it. I mean, as one of the pioneers of 60's psychedelic rock, their music is created by (and meant for) altered states. Get the right kind of vino with Waiting for the Sun on vinyl and, yo, you're having a hell of a day.

In fact, Waiting for the Sun features "Yes, the River Knows" – a jam penned by the band's guitarist, Robby Krieger. There's a line about "drowning myself in masticated wine". Or is it "mystic heated wine"? In any case, it's a damn good time if you get past the morbidity of it all.

Pro tip: playing The Doors outside is awesome. Something about their L.A. roots makes the sun and a cool breeze the perfect companion. And for that you'll want some refreshing California grape juice.

The wine

Let's go bubbles. An appropriate select is the Chronic Cellars "Spritz and Giggles" straight outta Paso Robles in the 805. This California sparkler is well-aligned for those late summer transitions into early fall. That time where the air is starting to get a bit crisp yet the backyard is still ripe for lounging.

You're going to get a lot of fruit on this one. Fresh-cut apples and some sneaky citrus will find its way on your tongue. Despite its fruit dominance, the bubbles aren't overly sweet nor dry. There's a bit of spice that will remind you fall (the season, not your balance) is on the way – all without ruining your day in the sun with The Doors. And at $15 a pop, you can easily stock a few in your chiller for a groovy afternoon.

As referenced by their cheeky branding and unique label designs, the brothers who run Chronic Cellars produce wine that is true reflection of themselves. Zany, humble, and original. They come from a family legacy of winemaking and team up with their childhood friend, Joe Kalionzes, on all things design.

Much like the creative output of The Doors, Chronic's aesthetic and product are woven together to create a richer tasting experience. Blend the music and juice together to give all of your senses a ride!