Kobe Bryant and the Wines that match his personality

Kobe Bryant and Italian Wine Pairings - the wines that match the tenancity, uniquness and DNA to always be bold, creative and strive for greatness.

Editor’s note: in memory of Kobe Bryant we’re resurfacing this 2016 post. Rest in eternal peace Kob. One of the greatest basketball players to hold a ball, loving father, and incredible creative who was just getting started. https://granitystudios.com/

Ruthless. Cold-blooded. Assassin. These are the words that were synonymous with five-time champion Kobe Bryant for the better part of his two-decade tenure for the Los Angeles Lakers. For most of the 2016 season (and a couple seasons prior) we saw a different, more passive Kobe Bryant and assumed that his alter ego, the proverbial Black Mamba, had slithered back into its hole for eternal slumber. The once killer snake was now replaced by an “ambassador of the league,” going from arena to arena where standing ovations and cheesy tribute videos substituted the Mamba’s life force of jeering and boos.

Although the retirement tour was well deserved, it wasn’t representative of the Kobe Bryant many of us twenty-somethings grew up watching. His patented fadeaway, signature snarl, and unbreakable will seemed to be relics of a time long since past. However, on April 13th 2016, his last game, the Black Mamba peeked his head out once more. Rising to a resounding crescendo by the tune of 60 relentless points, Kobe added a much-needed exclamation point to what had become a three-year run-on sentence of dismay. He delivered an instant classic.

Although the younger Kobe Bryant was one in the same as his alter ego, the Black Mamba, this older and more seasoned Kobe embodies his newer and more affectionate nickname, Vino. Like a fine wine, Kobe gets better with age.

Whether as the Black Mamba or Vino, we want to honor the great Kobe Bryant by featuring two wines we feel embody his alter-egos. Since Kobe spent his childhood in Rome and speaks fluent Italian, the wines we have chosen are from where his love for basketball began at the age of two.

We selected wines from two regions that best capture Kobe’s multifaceted personality:

Black Mamba style wines

Sicily produces robust, gutsy reds that take no prisoners. Our choice: Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico Dorilli – Planeta

Kobe Bryant and Italian Wine Pairings
Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico Dorilli – Planeta

Tuscany is Italy’s most popular wine region, producing lots of showy crowd-pleasers. Our choice: Brunello di Montalcino 2010 Biondi Santi – Tenuta Il Greppo

Kobe Bryant and Italian Wine Pairings
Brunello di Montalcino 2010 Biondi Santi - Tenuta Il Greppo

Enjoy each of these while watching some vintage Black Mamba moments. Cheers and thank you Kobe.

Thank you to the greatest of all time.