Hey Lyft, Might We Suggest Winemode?

Our professional, well-spent time cruising the internet produced the discovery of Tacomode. If you haven’t heard of it, Lyft is adding an app feature to take you to the nearest Taco Bell location – for free – on the way to your destination. 

Maybe you’re running late to a meeting and decide, “Meh, I could go for some TB (not the infectious disease) and pick the boss up something too”. Or maybe you get hungry during a 10 minute car ride. Oh, what a time to be alive.

As if Tony Hill read our minds, his tweet gets the wheels turning: “…Makes you wonder what other ‘modes’ they should explore…” Naturally, as grape lovers, this was an easy one for us to answer.

Winemode. We want this. You want this. EVERYONE wants this.

Wineries typically aren’t right next door and often require a roadtrip. Even us spoiled Southern Californians aren’t about to shell out coin for a 30+ mile Lyft ride whenever we crave vino straight from the source. 

What if these wineries were magically closer AND you didn’t need to spend that extra fair? What if you don’t live close enough to any wineries at all? Imagine if they came to you, ride included. 

Here’s our proposed solution: a Lyft-sponsored wine event at mystery locations.  >span class=”m_-769915970859772710gmail-s1″>You can only get in with a Lyft ride.

Winemode enables when one of these events is within 15 miles. Lyft will transport you there for a small flat fee, which includes cost of admission to the event. A couple of wineries will also sponsor the event and bring stashes of their finest yields along with them. 

Somms? Yeah, them too. It’ll have the environment of a typical winery visit but more lively and closer to home. 

>span class=”m_-769915970859772710gmail-s1″>Tacomode < Winemode.

Are you interested?
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