Gents, Do This at Least Once


Thomas Jefferson was wrong. All men are not created equal.

That is a truth that must be appreciated by all men, because it is one appreciated by all women. Oh, and they (women) also appreciate a well dressed man.

We live in an age where casual clothing is accepted and where our kids are influenced by successful entrepreneurs in hoodies and jeans.  Hell, even at weddings the phrase ‘black tie’ is up for interpretation. Men live in an era today where there are less reasons to actually wear a suit – which in turn means the knowledge that’s readily disseminated about wearing a suit is loosely followed.  Don’t waste those precious moments with suits that weren’t made to fit you; get a custom suit.

A well dressed man needs to give attention to every detail in his suit – the length of the sleeve, the width and height of the lapel, the fabric of the lining, the length of the jacket, the style and size of the buttons, the pockets, the tapering of the pants and more. Every inch of the suit is custom made for you and your unique physique.

A bespoke suit is your suit of armor. It feels like a renewed ‘you’. It will exude your confidence and your chest will be puffed while those in your vicinity feel your man-glow. Do it. Get that custom suit and feel like a fuckin’ man.

While you’re getting fitted, drink this:

The Table, 2010 Pinot Noir. A one-off project wine by a premier winemaker (Evening Land) & the French Laundry. Beautifully bold Pinot that you can sink your teeth into.  $20

Consulting Author: Shehzad of DLA Piper