From Wine to Fine - Fitness for Wine Drinkers


Look, we all know “wine” and “diet” don’t really go hand-in-hand. No doubt it’s a relatively better choice than other booze out there, but wine is not known for its pre-workout characteristics. Well, depends who you ask…

Our compadres at FitVine have attempted to blend both worlds – a wine that is high in quality and low in caloric intake. Wine Mom and the Critic put that very theory to the test a few weeks ago. For being 95 calories a glass, 15 bucks a bottle, and something a legit wine critic would bring to the tennis court, FitVine’s Cabernet Sauvignon seems to fit the mold nicely.

Although FitVine is tailored for an active lifestyle, you’re still gulping down the beautiful nectar of gods. So, we put together our top everyday workouts to counteract this good wine with exercises that won’t swallow your entire day:

  • Walk for 20 minutes – it’s that simple. Keeping a good, steady pace (i.e. 3 mph) will cancel out that FitVine impact. Hell, you can even walk while you sip vino. Short on time? A solid jog will push you over 100 calories burned in just 6 minutes or so. Jogging on the beach? Tack on an extra 50 calories burned in that same timeframe.
  • Yardwork for 12 minutes – raking leaves, pulling weeds, resoiling your mini-vineyard. A consistent stride with these activities can easily break 100 calories. Plus, you’ll want to treat yourself to some Cab to celebrate a productive day. Just make sure to wash your hands after that resoil, please…
  • Swim for 10 minutes – the full-body workout. Swimming is not only great for cardio, it minimizes the stress on your joints. You can get your cardio in the pool, the ocean, or even your local reservoir (not recommended). Do enough swimming each day, and you’ll bring a whole new meaning to “wine bod”. That a thing yet?
  • Always take the stairs – a good calorie-killer and life lesson, right? Taking a couple flights of stairs in lieu of an elevator is an easy win in the fitness department. If you have 15 minutes to spare, just walk up and down a single flight. That’s roughly 150 calories out the door.

Have your own everyday, wine-friendly workouts? Email us via [email protected] and talk about your #winebod secrets.