What is the Chinon Region in France?

It's rare to see 100% Cabernet Franc wines from Napa so it's fun to try something different, delicious, and at a good value from France!


Winemaking styles of America (‘new world’) and Europe (‘old world’) are different. Each is unique in the types of grapes used, if/how they blend, flavor profiles and even labeling. When found at a dinner with American and European wine drinkers order this bottle; flavors will appeal to both sensibilities, snobs at the table will appreciate the choice and waiters will give you the nod of respect. It’s 100% cab franc; dark purple fruit, long earthy/spice finish with feel of polished winemaking. $30

2010 Domaine Charles Joguet les Varennes Du Grand Clos Chinon

Chinon is a town in the Loire Valley in central France. The Loire Valley is known as the ‘garden of France’ because of the vast number of vineyards, fruit orchards, and fields of vegetables like artichokes and asparagus. Red wines from this region are made using the Cabernet Franc grape, and about 10% of Cabernet Sauvignon is allowed. The wines are usually medium bodied and dry with dark fruit and minerals. Great food wines because of their structure. Not the wine to take to a swigs of between sets playing beach volleyball! It’ll be tough to find the 2010, but you probably aren’t going wrong with picking up a 2014 or many other producers from Chinon. Give Chinon wines a try.


Check out this short read on French wine regions for beginners. I’ve read it and I’ll usually go back to it now and again as a quick reference guide. Decoding French Wine