Fashion Week LA: Union Station [Video]

Fashion Week LA: Needed a Chilled Rosé

We dug the idea of having a runway show inside the historic Union Station is Los Angeles. It’s grandiose, art deco inspired space is the gateway to Los Angeles which plays off the romantic idea of LA being the gateway to a glamorous Hollywood life. Give us your tired and poor, and we’ll turn them into the healthy and rich. Ah. . .LaLa Land!

This year, the ILTG team was on hand behind the scenes with incredibly talented designers like Oday Shakar, beautiful models such as Alanni Garnet and a host of support teams, and coordinators.

The venue, though romantic and all, was just really, really hot. Like, sweltering. Like the humid, sweat down the back of your thigh hot. It did however take us back to the French Riviera given the fashion and groves of beautiful people. Which then made us think about a wine that screams gorgeous shimmering bodies, high-end fashion and a romantic setting with sweat inducing heat, a cold, beautiful Rosé.

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