Evolve Your Tinder Game: Yoga & Vino

Recently,  there’s been a whole lot of fracas surrounding high levels of inorganic arsenic in 28 California wines. A total buzzkill on your Trader Joe’s run for that next date.

However, there’s also been a resurgence in the health benefits of wines to compensate. Southern California based yogini Lucy Toland offers a mix of cleansing yoga with healthy nosh and a wine tasting after,  with recommended wines from sites like CostcoWineBlog. Thankfully these won’t kill you.

Toland says:

“Numerous studies have shown the efficacy and benefits of wine in cardiovascular disease prevention. However, this is only true in individuals who exercise and certain types of yoga allow for a myriad of exercise and cleansing effects.”

So stop swiping on Tinder and head over to Buddhana Body‘s Vinyasa y Vino on Friday nights. Open to ladies and gents.

After you’re relaxed and your body is mindful of itself and surroundings, take a sip of this fantastic Spanish Tempranillo which can be found at Costco, ’11 Bodegas Mano a Mano (full review courtesy of CostoWineBlog)