Election Results 2016: Wines That Pair with Nail Biting

Election Results 2016 Wines That Pair with Nail Bitting

Wow. It’s a nail bitter of an election. The country is yelling at the T.V. while watching CNN (or live coverage by NBC on YouTube, thank you NBC! #CordCutter). Articles are flying on Facebook ranging from How to Move to Canada to Trump’s clear path to victory by winning the latest big State like North Carolina.

What we can all agree on as a country is that we’re all drinking. We’re drinking now and we’ll be drinking no matter who is our President. During these times of uncertainty and p*** grabbing, here are some wines our expert Somms feel pair well with your nails.

High Alcohol Zinfandel

Tonight’s the night for a hot wine with 16% or more alcohol. Give a Tobin James Zinfandel a shot. Old school, peppery and one healthy pour will give you a nice big buzz as you bite your nail and those of your partner next to you.

Election Results 2016: Wines That Pair with Nail Bitting

Ktima Gerovassiliou

We feel it’s appropriate to have a Greek wine on Election night. The Greek did create democracy after all! This white wine is blend of two indigenous grapes to Greece, Malagousia and Assyrtiko. It has a distinctive nose of green pepper, jasmine, orange, melon and lemon. On the palate it has a rich, round feel with a lemony aftertaste. Cheers to you Democracy!

Election Results 2016: Wines That Pair with Nail Bitting

Canned Wine

We are believers in the future of canned wine not only because it’s inevitable, but it has it’s place. It’s simple to carry around, you don’t need any contraptions to open it, and with a good producer like Infinite Monkey Theorem out of the blue state of Colorado you’re in good shape. Try their slightly effervescent Moscato with hints of lemon and citrus.

 Election Results 2016: Wines That Pair with Nail Bitting


Take a sip of something with a little more bite! We’re cheating a bit. Grappa isn’t a wine. It’s an alcoholic beverage, a fragrant, grape-based pomace brandy of Italian origin that contains 35 to 60 percent alcohol. Try Clear Creek Grappa made from Pinot Noir grapes in Oregon. Very aromatic and easy going when times are changing.

Grappa I like this grape


It’s an historic night. Why not open that Grand Cru Bordeaux you’ve been saving? Whether you’re celebrating or mourning do it in grandiose style by opening a wine from a country that aided us during the American Revolutionary War. They helped us. We drink their wine. It’s just the way it is. Open that ’96 Chateau Gloria St. Julian. The fruit flavors take a back seat to this lovely, finessed wine that really expresses the region.

Election Results 2016: Wines That Pair with Nail Bitting

God bless America.

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