#VINOMUSIC: Earth, Wind & Fire, The Heavens Gain A Shining Star

You’re a shining star, no matter who are, shining bright to see, what you could truly be.

– Maurice White, Phillip Bailey & Larry Dunn

1975 from the album That’s The Way of the World by Earth, Wind & Fire.

Undoubtedly,  you’ve heard of the passing of Maurice White – the producer, arranger, bandleader,  singer-songwriter, and co-founder of Earth, Wind & Fire.

Maurice and his brother Verdine, along with one of the original falsetto kings Phillip Bailey, created a sound that not only influenced their decade but also many generations after. With the dynamic horn section of many of Earth, Wind & Fire’s classics, it definitely showcases Maurice’s start as session drummer with jazz legend Ramsay Lewis.

Earth Wind & Fire’s sound evokes a number of synesthetic memories that range from “September” to “Can’t Hide Love” to “Boogie Wonderland“.

As we learned about Maurice’s tragic passing while on our team Napa visit, we saw first hand how much music influences not only our consumption of wine but the production of it as well. Did you know that vintner David Duncan of Silver Oak Winery plays in a band? The artistry of songwriting and the artistry of winemaking are intertwined. As is the artistry of film making.

So instead of giving you a recapped history of the great Maurice White and his meaning to lovers of music, we’d rather give you a few times the film industry used the sweet sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire to give emotional lift to their scenes, whether funny, sad, longing, or otherwise.

Turn up the fireplace, grab a few bottles of Silver Oak or Twomey, and watch these films in honor of Mr. White.

1. The Untouchables (2011) – “September

2. Night At The Museum (2009) – “Let’s Groove

3. Semi-Pro (2008) – “Shining Star

4. Somethings Gotta Give (2003) – “Sing A Song

5. Drum line (2002) – “In The Stone

6. Be Cool (2007) – “Fantasy

Wine: Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon (2011)