Drive Through Paso Robles

We're very excited to announce the next book in our acclaimed Drive Through series - DRIVE THROUGH PASO ROBLES!

We’re very excited to announce the next book in our acclaimed Drive Through series: DRIVE THROUGH PASO ROBLES!

Purpose of the series

The purpose of our Drive Through series has been to

Instill confidence in millennials to explore every wine region in the world.

Our promise is to give you confidence & excitement to discover and drink wines from regions all over the globe. Our books enable you to ask the right questions, spark a conversation and deepen your learning & appreciation for a wine region.

Structural approach to our books: “Content Layers”

Our books are beyond written words and one-dimensional content. We take time to research what information consumers are truly looking for, and what types of content would benefit them on their journey to discover new wine regions around the world. Below is a geeky, strategic, illustration of our approach.

(The creator of the Drive Through series, Naushad Huda, is a strategist & creative by trade so what do you expect?!)

First book: Drive Through Napa

Our first book Drive Through Napa was published in 2019. The book has done well and then highly regarded among industry and consumers. The L.A. Times wrote

“This book is an answer to dry guidebooks and stiff informational publications that pervade the wine industry.”

Drive Through Napa simultaneously helps readers understand the wines from each of Napa’s 16 regions and proves as an indispensable tool for planning a visit to Napa Valley. Drive Through Napa is a trusted reference to industry professionals and everyday drinkers.

drive through napa

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Next book: Drive Through Paso Robles

Paso is on the rise.

Paso Robles is being noticed more each year by both industry and consumers. The goals for this book include encouraging wine drinkers to explore Paso Robles by giving them a feeling of the region and sparking curiosity & conversation.

Visit Paso Robles

The structure: 5 regions NE, NW, SE, SW and York Mountain.

The book will open with a history of Paso Robles to set the context. Each chapter will begin with Core content. Secondary and tertiary content layers will include maps and a directory of every wineries in each region. The winemaker interviews will focus on the Past, Present and Future of Pasl Robles.

The ambition is to include full audio of each interview in the E-Book or a separate podcast.

The unique fabric of Paso Robles.

We’re planning to integrate non-wine related stories that weave the fabric of Paso Robles. Stories such as the haunted saloon and Jesse James’ time hiding in Paso. Including these stories within the main narrative of Paso as a wine region will be tricky. But, it will expand the reasons to explore Paso while setting it apart from being just another wine town.


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