Documentary on Burgundy: A Crowdfunding Story

Rudi Goldman has Hollywood cred. Among the bling on the producer/director/videographer’s mantle are two Cable Ace Awards, and he’s directed James Caan, Robert Guillaume, Robert Preston, Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, Tom Bosley and Tony Randall.

But Goldman decided to try something else in mid-career. He moved to Holland (yes, it was partly for romance) and started pursuing his passion for culture and wine. Goldman is currently working on a documentary about France’s Burgundy, one of the world’s most celebrated wine regions, and he’s financing it through Indiegogo. We caught up with him to pop a few questions about his career and this tantalizing project.

You’re using Indiegogo to help finance your documentary. Why’d you choose a crowdfunding site? 

These are difficult times to finance indie film or video projects, especially a wine documentary. Prior to choosing crowd funding, I approached almost all of the key Burgundian wine related organizations, including the tourism agencies for sponsorship support, and was turned down. We have been shooting our documentary in Burgundy for over two years now and it has been fully self-funded so far.

I picked Indiegogo for several reasons. It was the most international. In addition, Indiegogo had a dedicated film funding department with a strong track record in successfully funding film projects. Indiegogo was the most flexible when it came to how one can choose to structure the project financially. We are now about two weeks from the end and are only at 50 percent of our goal of $20,000. So if we don’t make our goal, at least we’ll see some partial funding to complete the film.

What makes Burgundy unique as a wine region?

Its history and culture, its complex and challenging terroir, its unique gastronomy and the proximity of its quaint towns and villages . On July 4th2015, UNESCO recognized the region’s 2,000-year history and cultural heritage by adding the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune to its list of World Heritage sites. Much of the film features the people and lifestyle of the Côte de Beaune, thereby helping to preserve the heritage of this historic wine region. The history of Burgundy/Côte d’Or dates back to 312 A.D. and is home to some of the world’s most highly respected and expensive wines, and those valued by wine investors.

When did you first discover Burgundian wine? Do you have a favorite producer?

A. My wife and I discovered the Côte d‘Or region of Burgundy many years ago and would always seem to end up spending time there when traveling to and from our home in The Netherlands to the South of France. We would spend hours there, basking in the sun with a bottle of the local wine, accompanied by some fresh bread, a lovely paté and Burgundian cheeses. In spite of the fact that only two grape varieties are allowed to be used in the making of Burgundy wines, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, the diversity of the quality and character of the wines produced there, make it impossible to have a favorite producer – there are so many great ones.

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