Cigars and Wine 5 Vintage Wines to Pair with Cigars

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Vintage wines are notorious for their high quality and taste and this is why many cigar lovers choose these drinks as a pair for their cigars. Some of the best wine experiences are with vintage wines – aged wines from from top notch regions and proven producers. A vintage wine and cigar pairing can be amazing. Here are 5 ‘bucket-list’ wines paired with the appropriate cigar. Make no mistake, these wines are pricey. But, they’re worth the effort and cost. #bucketlist

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1. Chapoutier De l’Oree Blanc 1995

This white French wine is one of the best on the market. It features mineral and honey undertones that work very well with a light or even light to medium-bodied cigars like Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos. This pairing works because both the cigar and the wine have subtle and delicate aromas that will not overtake each other. This specific pair is pleasant and elegant, featuring the taste experience that is perfect for any smoker or occasion.

You can pick up a 2015 vintage for around $360.

Rich Smith vintage wine and cigars
Photo Credit: Rich Smith

2. Chateau Palmer 1970

This wine is one of the jewels of the ’70s. It has a deep red color and a taste that features licorice, plum, spice and cedar aromas that coat the palette. This wine has a very interesting personality and it is best combined with a medium or even medium to full-bodied cigar that also features an exotic palette of flavors. Try to avoid light cigars or the ones that have floral undertones because the base strength of the wine will overlap with the taste of the cigar.

A quick Google search uncovered a bottle in Europe for a little over $300. Otherwise your best bet to find this vintage is a private collector or wine auctions. Recent vintages of Palmer are more readily available at retail and online from Total Wine to

3. Brunello del Montalcino 1990

These Brunello’s have a very powerful flavor profile that feature bursts of spice, mineral and subtle undertones of fruit. This powerful wine needs a pair that has the same girth. A medium to full-bodied cigar is an excellent choice and one of the best options is Trinidad Robusto Extra. These cigars have a great taste that will complement the flavors and undertones of this red jewel, providing you a great experience and a moment of delight. 

Photo Credit: Tanner Ross

4. Pavillon Blanc du Chateau Margaux 2000

Yes, that Chateau Margaux!

One of the youngest in our selection, this white Bordeaux wine is the ultimate choice for a white wine. The wine is made from 100% Sauvignon Blanc and screams notes of limes, white grapefruit, and white flowers. It’s a tough bottle to find, and even for a recent vintage you will likely need to buy futures (i.e. paying for it a year in advance before the winery releases it). The 2016s are still available for purchase for $225 a bottle, 6 bottle minimum from Sotheby’s and will be delivered Fall of this year.

It works perfectly with the light-bodied cigars that have fruity or even floral undertones. This pair is the ultimate choice for the hot summer days or for the fans or delicate aromas. A tough bottle to find. Go for a recent vintage

5. Chateau Pavie 1972

This amazing vintage wine comes from the right bank of Bordeaux – which means it’s Merlot dominate. (Wines from the left bank of Bordeaux are Cabernet dominate). This red wine is powerful – full body, powerful fruit and tannins that are integrated beautifully. With age the fruit will subside while secondary and tertiary flavors become evident. For this bottle you need a full-bodied cigar or even a vintage cigar.

A strong cigar works very well with this wine because it will manage to complement the strong personality of the wine. This pair is excellent for those who like strong flavors and combinations that are full of personality. It is definitely one of the best pairs for a special occasion or for a private moment of delight.

A 2015 vintage of Pavie can be found at for a tad over $400.

Photo Credit: Nick Karvounis

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Wine and cigar pairing is an art. Both the wines and the cigars are artisanal products that manage to form a unique experience. Do you have a recommended wine and cigar pairing you’d like to share with us? Find us on Facebook and let’s talk cigars & wine!

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