Bomber Jackets X Sparkling Wine Cocktails

Historically, the original flight jacket was meant to keep military pilots as comfortable (and unintentionally stylish) as possible when “feelin the need for speed”. It’s now recognizable snug cuffs and adorned zippers were functional attributes to ensure that the pilot didn’t freeze to death flying at 20,000 feet. However, a century’s time has evolved the classic flight jacket into an amalgamation of colors, styles, and materials that has become a staple of weekend wear for style gurus everywhere.


Understanding the significance of its vintage flight history, the clean and minimal black bomber jacket has evolved into a product that is both simultaneously recognizable yet unique at the same time. Whether you prefer a lightweight poly blend simple cover up or this not-so-subtle floral printed piece from ZARA, the versatility of the chronicled bomber jacket is undeniable.

Contrary to popular belief, wine also isn’t restricted to the norms of fine Tiffany glasses and boring breathability. As versatile as the classic bomber, the rise in wine cocktails has injected new life into the product alongside feisty sangria recipes and mulled wine mixtures.

cans-slide-reducedAustin, Texas based company, Mighty Swell, has decided to take some liberties of their own when it comes to the wine cocktail and we are all for it. Sparkling Wine Cocktails (in a can) is a bold new addition to the vino family and delivers its fresh take in grapefruit, lemon and peach flavors. Their standard 12 oz can holds a 5% alcohol content and is made up of 100% natural flavors. Shifting the connotation of canned drinks by way of fruit based wine, all natural cane sugar and pure fruit juice, Mighty Swell ultimately creates, as they call it, “a uniquely refreshing cocktail” to remember.

Although currently Mighty Swell is only prevalent in the Austin area, we have no doubt that sparkling wine cocktails will become a staple of golf courses and country clubs everywhere in due time.

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Cover photo: Tom Cruise in ‘Top Gun’