Decoding French Wine: A Beginner's Guide to Enjoying the Fruits of the French Terroir.

An intro to French Wine

French wine can be intimidating. Labels don’t tell you the grape, a large majority of the wines are blends and geography is every bit as important as vintage and winemaker. France alone has more than 25,000 wineries and the bottles are labeled with various phrases, regions, vineyards, vintages and classifications. Enter the book Decoding French Wine by Andrew Cullen.

french wine bottles

By no means is this a thesis or sommelier level book. Its 81 pages read like cliff notes on the major regions of France including Bordeaux, Rhone and Burgundy. Think of this book as your wine geek friend who came over for dinner and started talking about how much he loves French wine – and you asked why!

wine girl in france
photo credit: @winefrenchgirl

This book will give you an intro, a little sip into the wines of one of the oldest, and arguably one of the most prized wine producing regions in the world. It’s the pocket-guide. Take it to a dinner party with friends along with a bottle of a good Bordeaux or Burgundy. Give it as a gift to long time friend with whom you can explore the wines of France with or reserve 45 minutes on your next flight to France and read it. It’s a better use of dollars than a fancy latte.

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