Art and Wine in Barcelona

Contributor Fintan Kerr from Barcelona gives us an insight into street art & wine.

Art and Wine have been companions in the Mediterranean for some time; Pablo Picasso was famously inspired whilst staying in the wine producing region of Terra Alta. As the world continues its exploration of Spanish wines (in ’14 Spain was ahead of France in exporting wine), Spanish artist are exploring an art form familiar in the U.S., but emerging in Barcelona: street art.  Jose Maria, owner of the beautiful Bodega Maestrazgo in the Borne region of Barcelona and passionate artist gives us some insight:

What is it about wine and art that works so well?

For me, wine is a hedonistic pleasure and art is an emotional release; two sides of the same coin. I have a very Mediterranean character and both wine and art allow me to express myself, to speak without speaking. Hablar sin decir nada.


Do you have a signature style or inspiration?

No, no inspiration just my style… a ‘Barcelona Wild Style!’ I paint to release my emotions so I generally paint with quite a bit of anger. (laughs) I like to play with colours and just let it out; my natural rhythm and curiosity take it from there.

So, what wine would you pair your art with?

Bartolomé Vernet Primitiu del Bellmunt 2008, Priorat. Drinking this wine is like drinking the Earth; it is a contribution to our culture and history, to the story of my family. The depth and intensity of this wine, grown using 80-110 year old vines, is incredible and a true reflection of Priorat. I believe my art is a similarly honest expression and with both of these things, it is not important to understand, simply to enjoy.

Want to see street art in Barcelona? is a free walking tour that showcases some of the best and brightest of Barcelona’s artists around the city. Feel free to stop by Bodega Maestrazgo to meet Jose if you’re feeling a bit thirsty afterwards.

Contributor: Fintan Kerr is an English wine professional based in Barcelona, Spain. Owner of Wine Cuentista, he spends his time studying for exams, visiting local wineries and organizing wine tastings to showcase the beauty of Spanish and Catalan wines.