#VINOMUSIC: Action Bronson's Vino-Soaked Rap Lyrics


Greek men, jump off the back of the boat for dinner. Barehanded snatch up a octopus I’m a winner. Grill it, hit it with olive oil and lemon. Then kiss my fingers, efharisto* that was delicious” – Action Bronson (It concerns me)

*efharisto (Greek): thank you

As you can see, former chef and current rapper Action Bronson has a penchant for integrating elements of his past career into his current one. With great music comes great responsibility, and Bronson has used this obligation to replace “standard” raps of ludicrous spending and promiscuous women (although he covers plenty of both) with rhymes vividly describing the peddling of Shiraz through his neighborhood in Queens, NY (“Shiraz”) and aggressively fighting the conflict between a workout regiment and comfort food (“Ronnie Coleman”).

Many artists like Bronson, have used the stage of music to showcase other passions that they may have. Examples include artists Pharrell Williams launching his high-end streetwear brand, Billionare’s Boys Club, and Bob Dylanreleasing his literary work of poetry, Tarantula. Naturally, Bronson has used his influence to cement himself as an arbiter of food & drink culture worldwide. ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’, Bronson’s flagship show on VICELAND, follows him and the crew (artists Meyhem Lauren and professional sidekick/hypeman/hustle man Big Body Bes), as they dive into international cuisine with a backdrop of hip hop culture. Last weeks finale can be found on VICELAND’s online media library here. To celebrate the ending of the second season of ‘Fuck, That’s Delicious’, we have listed our top 10 favorite Action Bronson wine and food references over the years.

12 courses laid up on the long table Aged wine got me spinning like a dreidel – “Shiraz”Intoxicatin’ aroma, drugs rolled in a diploma Beautiful wine, we in Sonoma yo. The cheese plate, fish a pike out the lake – “Moonstruck” Choke a duck, lay it on the plate (roasted) Snap my fingers for the waiter come and pour the grapes (toasted) – “Rare Chandeliers” You only live once, so fuck if I’mma waste it, I’m in France, stepping on grapes, you can taste it Yeah, make cheese like the fromagia Tatted chest cover pain wash the scars Daddy disapprove of my life just like I’m Marvin Gaye – “Tapas” Two hour flights to Heathrow up in the Concorde Fermented grapes up in my glass that bear the same name I’m working hard because that’s what I need to maintain  – “Larry Csonka” I got the jar full of drugs Fridge is filled with Snapple Southern coast of France Tart fennel with the apple The feet are purple cause I’m stepping on the grapes –  “Jar of Drugs” We had the lunch at Osteria Morini I had the calf’s brain Half glass of Cabernet on the PATH train – “It’s Me” Compare the lord to no man, moves I never fake em Aura like Wagyu beef, you just a Steak-Umm Paired with Shiraz for the taste to serve at table side My lyric through the vocal take my palette on a flavor ride – “T.K.O” Pink champagne spillin’ down the glass again I swear just one more score baby we cashin’ in – “Heel Toe” Pop pop tops of the Clicquot time to raise our glass up Right out the bottle, with a model, with amazing asses – “Miss Fordham Road (86, 87, 88)”