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I like this grape is a digital platform aimed at making the education and discovery of wine relatable to modern consumers. We partner with cool, interesting sommeliers, winemakers, and wine educators to create content that lives online and, and in experimental events we call SOMMX

Today, culture is everything. The next generation of wine consumers crave information about wine, but they want it via relevant formats such as digital, video, social, influencers, and experimental events. This is where we come in! 


Our goal is to make the discovery and exploration of wine relatable to today’s modern consumer.

For the industry we remain transparent and committed to having partnerships that are a win-win for both you and us. Partnering with us means you’re looking for brand exposure to an audience that skews younger and is more representative of society today, and your future consumers.

What makes us unique:

  1. We don’t answer to shareholders nor do we partner with all brands. We have to believe in you as much as you believe in us.
  2. Our team is comprised of senior level brand & digital strategist and creatives who’ve worked on (and still do) global brands such as Kellogg’s, T-Mobile, Yamaha and many more.
  3. We think consumer first. Today’s path to purchase for a consumer is complex and comprised of a multitude of touch points. Traditional paradigms wont’ work. Thus, new and constantly evolving ideas are vital.


Keep in touch. When we have an event or a project that aligns with your brand we’ll reach out. Easiest way is to sign up for our emails!

Provide a Winery Direct Deal to our readers. We send weekly newsletter. We can include a Winery Direct Deal in the email. The offer will also be socially mentioned across our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Fee is $250 per email.

Sponsored post. Creating an article with useful information that is sponsored by your brand is a fantastic brand strategy IF the article is genuine, well written, not click-bait and aligned with your brand. We’ll brainstorm with you to find the right topic.

Our managing editor is Paul Hodgins a long time, award winning wine journalist and author (LA Times, Wine Enthusiast, OC Register, Drive Through Napa, and more). Paul would lead the research and writing for the sponsored post. Fee includes a professionally written & edited article, publishing on our site, social media posts and inclusion in our weekly email.

Fee is $750 per sponsored post.

Ad placement on our site. An ad placed so it’s visible on all articles. Fee is $250 for 30 days.

Custom Live Event. Our live events are highly creative, thoughtful, entertaining and valuable to consumers. We’re not talking about the typical dinner at the typical high end resort or restaurant. You tell us your budget and we’ll take care of the rest.

Leverage Our Event Platforms. We have two (2) unique live event platforms that can be leveraged. We take care of all production, logistics and creative.

VINO POP, wine pop-up events for no more than 50 guests. Unique spaces, bites, themes and surprises. The events are guided by a sommelier and/or wine expert and require budgets between $10-$20k.

Description of the July 12 event

SOMMX, experimental, guided journeys around a unique theme for between 75-150 guests. Each theme is never repeated. First SOMMX’s theme was Kanye West’s Music Interpreted Through Spanish Wine. These events require a budget starting at $50k. Video recap below:

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