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Publisher of the acclaimed DRIVE THROUGH series of modern wine books.

The Drive Through series was designed to instill confidence in today’s consumers to explore wine regions around the world.

We began the DRIVE THROUGH series in 2019 with the release of our first book Drive Through Napa Valley. Learn why the LA Times said:

“This book is an answer to dry guidebooks and stiff informational publications that pervade the wine industry.” – L.A. Times”

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The Drive Through series gives you confidence & excitement to discover and drink wines from regions all over the globe. Our books empower you to ask the right questions, spark a conversation and deepen your learning & appreciation for a wine region.

Valentine’s 2021 is the publication date for our next book, Drive Through Paso Robles. Learn more about this book and why after reading it you will want to visit Paso Robles immediately!

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We’re geeky about design and needed our visuals to stand out. Thus, we found & recruited a multi award winning motion graphic animator and art director to design Drive Through series. Every detail from the size and type of fonts, colors for the covers, icons and textured patterns was poured over.

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Language & Tone

We didn’t want to talk down to our readers nor talk above their heads. We partnered with an author who is a true wine journalist (and Professor of Journalism at USC) with writing awards to his credit. The strategy was to have a conversational style, like talking to your neighbor, with deep insights and expert information.

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We’re not going to tell you which wineries to visit.

Our goal of the Drive Through series is not to tell you where to go. We want to empower young, curious wine drinkers to visit these beautiful wine regions, ask the right questions and make their experience, uniquely theirs.

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Resources & More

In addition to the books & publications, our site provides valuable resources for discovering things to do in Napa Valley and Paso Robles. Learn more about each area by clicking below.